Saturday, November 1, 2008

First Crush

Oh, my little baby is growing up. Well, she's not that grown up, only 5, but she acts like a teenager sometimes. Anyway, she came home today and told me that she loves someone. My eyes got squinty and I said, "What are you talking about?"

My little girl likes a boy, she is to cute. His name is Little Wayne and he goes to our church. He is 9, an older man!!! Here is what she said to me.

"Mom, I realized today that Little Wayne is a christian, and that God would be pleased if I grew up and married him. He is a good person, and will be a hard worker."

It's amazing how observant she is and how she is only five and what she is looking for is a hard working, christian man. She said:

"I will have to work hard to grow up and be beautiful and learn how to be a good wife, so I can raise a good family like his family."

She's so sweet sometimes, and I'm sure that she'll forget all about it by tomarrow. I love her so much, and I hope that when she is older, much, much, much, older, she finds exactly what she is looking for. Here is a picture of the card she drew for little wayne. She said that she needed to give him a love letter at church tomarrow.


Jo(the YarnChic) said...

Awww, that is sooo sweet. My Gracie is 6 and could care less about boys right now. Oh course, it might have something to do with her papa telling her that she doesn't need a boyfriend right now. lol!

The Steels said...

How funny! She has always been wiser beyond her years. That is a good thing. You have really done a good job with her and the other children as well. What a cute story!