Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spin the Globe....where dinner from?

My wonderful friend , Hayley shared a most fabulous idea, and my kids and I are so excited to make this an annual tradition. They spun a globe and where it stopped, is were our inspiration for New Years Eve dinner will be from.
Alisha my oldest had the honor of spinning this year. Our New Years Eve dinner will be from the country of Vietnam. How exciting.
This week the kids are going to look up information on the country & culture of this amazing place. They will give a small presentation of what they find. What a wonderful, fun, and unique way to get kids interested in world culture.

I've done some looking and our meal is going to consist of :

Vegetarian Pho Bo  (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) 

 Lemongrass Beef Skewer (Bo Nuong Xa)

Fruits In Syrup  (Try Cai)


 I'll be certain to take pictures after wards to share with you all. 

UPDATE: 1/13/2012
Here is a photo of our dinner. We didn't get desert done, and we decided to do the noodles as a side dish instead of doing a noodle soup. It was all very good, although next time I'm using a better cut of beef. I went cheap and this beef cooked up pretty tough. It was allot of fun though cooking with the kids and learning about Vietnam a bit. We decided that we'll be doing this again often for homeschool.

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